Reflections, Favorite Memories and Quotes

As I’m sitting by the window seat of the airplane, I’m looking back at the last 8 days. They were for sure memorable.

I don’t know as if I could say enough thank yous to the people who did this for me. I’ve learned a lot about singing and was fortunate to be able to sing in three different cathedrals!

Before I wrote this, I was looking through my photos and lightly cried, realizing all that I had just eclipsed! I met so many new people, bonded with the ones I already knew and saw amazing things.

I don’t know as if I could say a highlight for the trip because it was all amazing, but if I did, it would have to be either hearing the echo of a good note ring throughout a cathedral or the farewell dinner.

I was told by my family, “Enjoy it while it lasts,” and for me that can be hard at times. I tend to look ahead, but while sometimes my arrogance got the better of me, taking it in was the best choice!

Ireland and Scotland are truly photogenic and places I would like to come back to.

The sad part about all these things is that they eventually, no matter how hard you try or cry, they must close. When we unloaded the bus this morning, Martin (the driver) looked at me after I helped him unload the last case and said, “Have a good one, lad.” 

Amongst the rush to get in the airport, I shook his hand and thanked him. Now when I think, I’ll probably never get to see that man again. The same goes for when Jack left… I’ll see him, but we still left him… Then we split with the dance group on our final flight home. Together we formed great friendships in a week and now we all hope to meet again at the next festival.

After it all, I’m glad for the experience and I want to shout out to Brenda Bell and Sara Kukuk. These two ladies worked their rears off to get us here, and yet they didn’t go! THANK YOU!!!

After all went down, that was by far the best week of my life!



Singing is… an athletic event. 

There’re no such things as problems. Just creative solutions. ~ Sterling Castle attendant’s words to Martin

When I first heard that our choir was going to Ireland and Scotland, I was very excited, but then again, I was thinking how much work it would take to make that happen. But after all the hard work was done, we headed to Ireland and Scotland and also a dance group was going to join us on tour and I think everyone was very excited to hear this. So as we were in Ireland and Scotland, I learned a lot of life skills and it was an all-around awesome experience for every kid.

One of my favorite things about the tour was meeting new people and the new people got to know were very outgoing, funny and always happy. And also I became closer to my friends I already had and I really improved my social skills which was a great thing to do. I am also very thankful for all the parents’ hard work, because without them, none of this would have happened.

One thing I can tell you is that singing is a very tiring event. But all the hard work definitely paid off and it was all worth it and this tour was definitely one of the best eight days of my life!! It is sad that it is over, but I hope one day we can do it again. 

One of the best memories was basically every time we all ate dinner together. Every moment that we got to get to know new people was so much fun.

Shopping and walking around town, the buildings and shops were so cool. The architecture everywhere made for a great picture shoot! I really enjoyed meeting all the new people. The dance kids from Maryland are sweet and I’ll miss them all. Met just a couple of the Dublin Choral Concert kids. They were very nice, as well, and we connected with a couple of them on Instagram. 

The castles were absolutely amazing. All the churches had great accoustics. All around, the trip was memorable. I’ll say it went by pretty quick, but at the same time, every day seemed long and I took in every moment. We should definitely all meet up again sometime in person in Europe. Dance Unbound and LTYC will meet again! I’ll get emotional thinking too hard, but I’ll never forget this. I LOVE EVERYONE ❤ ~ Abigail

The trip, to start out with, was absolutely amazing. My favorite part of the entire trip was being able to spend so much time with the people that have become important to me. The actual place was so beautiful and the architecture of the buildings was something that I could not stop admiring. It was truly an amazing trip and I would like to go back some day. ~ Maya

Honestly, this trip was so phenomenal! My favorite part was being able to experience all these things with the choir. We grew as friends, and as a singing group. Being able to see new and beautiful things was exhilarating, but the fact that I could be with y’all made it so much better. Love ya and I can’t wait to sing next year.

“And until we meet again…”~ Avery ❤ 🙂

An amazing moment for me was seeing the view from the Wallace Monument, but I think my favorite part of the trip was getting to know everyone and connecting with everyone in a real way. ~ ❤ Amy

An unforgettable experience for me was that I got to tour places I have never been to with some pretty cool people, and I got to learn a lot of new things about the way of life over there.

Never been out of the state you said. Look at you now, holding up a castle! ~ Michael Hughes to Thomas at Trim Castle

Sometimes the best therapy is a long drive, good music and good company. We’ve had all three for the past 9 days and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Thank you, everyone. ~ Beverly

On our first day in Dublin, we went to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. We had only just met each other when we decided to have a flash mob in the courtyard. As we congratulated each other after the performance, I was shocked at how well the two groups mixed. We had only known each for a day, but in that moment, we made it seem like we had been touring together for months. ~ Olivia

My favorite part was the castle in Trim… no, the Edinburgh Castle… no, the Stirling Castle…no wait, the Harry Potter shop… no, singing in Dublin… I loved all of it… and yes everyone, I got a kilt! ~ Thomas

“Can you please hurry up. Come along now, hurry up.” ~ Harvey, our wonderful tour guide

Some of my favorite memories were the simple gifts like the feel of the wind in my face and the sound of waves below as Scotland came into view,

our first steps on Scottish soil,

a rainbow in Dublin,

a sunset and sunrise from the air just hours apart, the sound of your beautiful voices as they floated through a cathedral, your smiles, time with friends old and new and your gift of song. I am so grateful.

~ Kim


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