Sounds of Spirituality

On Friday, June 16, the Little Traverse Youth Choir joined members of the Campbell Union High School Choir from San Jose, CA, the Coastline Arts Community Choir from the Central Coast of Florida, the Dodge City Community College Choir, the Rhodes Singers from Rhodes College and the Skutt Catholic Concert Choir from Omaha, Nebraska to present Sounds of Spirituality at Christ Church Cathedral, a glorious stone cathedral nearly 1,000 years old. Handel’s Messiah debuted at this same cathedral in 1742.

Sounds of Spirituality was a glorious reminder for a world divided, of the need for peace. The mass choir surrounded the audience opened with Ross C. Bernhardt’s “Prayer of St. Patrick.” The music spun and reverberated as it soared up past the organ through the sacred space. It was incredibly moving.

It is difficult to put into words the magnitude of what we experienced. There were so many incredible moments. We can hardly wait for the official DVD to share with you and know you’re equally anxious to listen!

Tears flowed as I looked at each singer, thinking of the courage, determination, sacrifice and synchronicity that brought them all together to share this gift with the world. I watched composer, Timothy C. Takach perform with the choir. I listened in awe as Darius Brubeck brought his father’s music to life on piano. The concert concluded with “Hands” written by festival accompanist and composer, Jocelyn Hagen. It is a piece without words so voices of all languages may come together in peace and love. Jocelyn Hagen and her husband, Timothy Takach’s duet supported by the choir, made “Hands” Irish debut that much more remarkable.

The concert was given in aid of The Irish Hospice Foundation. This was especially fitting for our choir director, Kevin Wells, whose father is supported by the loving care of hospice in the U.S.A.

Yesterday we bid Ireland farewell grateful for the gifts of friendship, music and memories. We are thrilled to be able to announce that the fantastic director we have learned so much from here at the Dublin Choral Festival, Dr. William Skoog, of Rhodes College, will be rejoining us as the Festival Director for the 2019 Children of the World in Harmony Festival in Northern Michigan from July 16-21, 2019!

We feel so blessed for the support and sacrifice of all who saw the incredible opportunity and worked together to make this miracle happen for nineteen young singers from Northern Michigan.

I’m tearing up with emotion as I think of the life-changing gift you have given to all of us so that their voices may be shared with the world and their eyes see far beyond the shores of Lake Michigan, to Dublin and beyond, including the shores of Galloway, where we took our first steps in Scotland.

Within the hour, we will depart for Edinburgh Castle. Today will bring a concert by LTYC and a performance by Dance Unbound, new memories to last a lifetime. Wishing you the most special day wherever you may be!


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