serendipity – (n) good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

William Skoog of Rhodes College and Artistic Director for the Dublin Choral Festival opened rehearsal describing several serendipitous events that led to an amazing festival. Jocelyn Hagen, musician and composer, is the accompanist for the festival. The choir will perform one of her compositions, Hands. Her husband, musician and composer Timothy C. Takach, is singing in the choir. The choir is performing Takach’s Neither Angels Nor Demons. We had the pleasure of hearing them sing together at the welcome luncheon. So talented! Their band is called Nation.

While LTYC rehearsed, Dance Unbound had a great Irish dance class. So exciting! Check out the Mid Maryland Performing Arts Center on Facebook!

The welcome luncheon at Taylor’s Three Rock was so much fun! We were treated to delicious food, Irish dancing and music by Coscan.

In a bit of our own serendipity, Coscan performed The Rattlin’ Bog with special guests, the Little Traverse Youth Choir while Dance Unbound danced in the back.

We attended Evensong at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the National Cathedral of Ireland and was built in honor of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint.

We returned to St. Patrick’s College for an evening rehearsal. The final notes took my breath away. We are taking the advice of William Skoog to live in the moment and savor every experience. Today was a most definitely a collection of amazing moments to savor!


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